Akira Yokokawa is currently working at axsh as a software engineer. To see what I have done so far, please take a look at my CV and publication list.

Akira Yokokawa

Akira Yokokawa

Research Interests

Automatic and autonomous server configuration, workload characterization and performance prediction of virtual machines on large-scale datacenters, concurrent and parallel programming, operating system and its security.

Work Experience

I am engaged in the project of Wakame-vnet, which offers a toolkit to support creating the virtual networks on the datacenters. Design and implemention of database manager is my first responsibility. It is a big challenge to sequencially treate large amount of database transactions asynchronously coming from multiple distributed agents. I have gained the skills for designing efficient database schema and implementing database manager for the atomicity of the transactions. Developing the agent program for the virtual networks (virtual network agent. hereafter vna) is also my responsibility. Since the vna uses OpenFlow protocol to create the flows in the datapath of the Open vSwitch, I have studied those new technologies and the principals of the networks. Alongside, I commit myself to write test cases using rspec.

Characterizing workload and aformentioning resource usage of consolidated virtual machines coexisting on large-scale data centers. As a part of the research, I developed a linux kernel module which measures parallelism of programs in detail at runtime. The kernel module is called pprof (which stands for parallelism profiler), and its source code will be on public repository on GitHub soon.

Design and development of a class-hierarchy centric security policy which enables to reuse legacy security policies.


02 Dec 2012